Friday, February 16, 2007

A father's pride

As we make preparations for the little boy that will be entering our lives soon, we are having fun telling people that it is indeed a little boy. No one is more surprised than we are, the parents of two precious girls.

It's rather annoying when people respond, "Oh, I bet Daddy's so proud." Yes he is, but this comment rubs me rather the wrong way, like he's not proud of our two beautiful daughters or like the prospect of having a son is more exciting for a father than that of having a daughter.

Nothing could be further from the truth. He couldn't be more proud of our little girls and has actually wondered what he should do with a son. (I've told him it shouldn't be any different than what he does with the girls, which is everything. "Bench press him and teach him how to cook," I say. He lays on the floor and picks the girls up like he would a weight, bench press fashion.)

I realize the comments are well-intended, not mean-spirited, so I try not to make a mean-spirited response. My children's father is delighted to have another child, boy or girl, and is proud of all his children.