Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is rather interesting!

My five-year-old daughter was counting the letters in her first name (there's five of them) yesterday and so the seven-year-old child decided to count the letters in her name. She actually already knew that there are seven letters in her first name, but she made the interesting discovery that EACH of her names has seven letters! Wild! She thought it was pretty cool that she discovered that she has seven letters in each of her names when she was seven years old.

Incidentally, the five-year-old daughter and I each have five letters each in our first names, eight letters each in our middle names, and then her last name is the same as my married name so we each have seven letters in that name too.

What makes this TOTALLY weird is that our son is going to have seven letters in each of his names. We realized that last night when we were relating the story of the kid with the seven letters in each of her names last night to some friends. We couldn't believe it.

Now my sister and her husband's two children together have five letters in each of their three names, but they did that on purpose. Ours was all a complete accident!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Less than a month to go!

We have now about a month or less before our little boy arrives. The excitement is building for everyone in our family.

We've gotten a lot of nice things for the baby and now a couple of drawers are full of little blankets, sleepers, tiny t-shirts, washcloths, and stuff like that for a sweet little boy.

This month is going to be a busy one as we carry on with all our activities and wait for the baby to come!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Baby gifts

With the birth of our third child and first son drawing closer, we're receiving a lot of nice baby gifts. We had a baby shower this past weekend and got a lot of things like onesie t-shirts, blankets, clothing, and diapers, all things we really needed!

We also got a couple of beautiful hand-crocheted afghans for him in the last couple of days. My grandmother (who died this past weekend) made a yellow and green one and my sister made a gorgeous blue striped one. My mother is working on a couple of quilts for him and she made him a blanket with some fleece my aunt bought for him and using my grandmother's sewing machine.
Now we just need a little boy to wear all the cute clothes and use the beautiful afghans!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Homework in pre-k

My five-year-old pre-kindergarten daughter came home with homework yesterday!

It was actually practice work but I thought it was funny her teacher sent work home, along with reward stickers to go with it!

My daughter had a blast doing her work, which was practice writing her name. She does a great job with that but she could use some more practice with the whole writing on the line thing!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Countdown to baby time!

We are all counting down the time left until our new little one enters our lives ... six weeks now!

We're collecting supplies for the home birth we're planning while trying to be prepared for the hospital in case we have to go, and I'm cleaning up around the house a little at a time. Very slowly we're getting things for the little man to wear and I'm thinking of a few other things we need (a sling, a boppy pillow) and others have things they won't need anymore (a swing, a car seat) to hand on to us.

A baby shower is being planned by one of my friends for next weekend so that is exciting for us.

We've already got a name picked out, although we aren't telling anyone what it is until he's actually born. The girls really want to know what it is but if we want to keep it a surprise we most certainly can't tell them. We've assured them that they will be the first to know what it is as soon as he gets here and then they can tell the whole world!

We aren't preparing a nursery as we've never done that and don't see the need when he's just going to be sleeping with us for the next several months and maybe even the next few years. I'm just figuring out where we'll put his clothing and other things and making sure all the sheets are clean for whatever bed we end up using!

I'm trying to get quite a bit of work done this month so that next month I can focus on more preparations and then the month or so after his birth I can focus on him and the girls. I'll still have some regular assignments but I'd like to have other things out of the way.

Hopefully six more weeks will pass quickly for us as have the previous 34! I'm not so sure about the girls but I'm fairly certain the weeks will pass quickly for me.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

An attitude adjustment

With my blossoming belly has come quite a change in attitude about my pregnancy.

At first I was rather upset about the whole thing, having decided that our family had a good balance with two children and having grown quite used to having "big girls" who can do a lot for themselves. Finding out another one on the way meant I had to again give up my body for several months (years actually, counting the pregnancy and breastfeeding) and all of me for many more years to come.

I'd walk by the mirror and observe my growing belly and just shake my head as if to say, "What have you gotten yourself into?"

Along with that was the feeling that although at 36 I'm quite young, that's still a little old in my book to be starting all over with another baby.

But as my belly continued to grow and could no longer be hidden by what I wore, I began to accept and enjoy what was going on inside me and to look forward to the changes in store for our family. Now I look in the mirror and say, "You're beautiful. This is a beautiful thing happening to you."

Now I view it entirely as a blessing and that I'm up to it (might as well be, right?) and that we are all going to be better off for it. I'm actually glad it happened because the girls have gotten so much enjoyment out of seeing my belly grow and from looking forward to the birth of their little brother. That right now makes it all worth it.

As for myself, I know having another child will be a delight. Although the challenges we are facing will be great (we have to learn how to deal with babies all over again and we'll have to adjust to the dynamics of having another person in the house) I believe this child will make us wonder how we ever lived without him.