Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We're in Arkansas Virtual Academy!

We are now an Arkansas Virtual Academy family! My younger daughter has been accepted into the school and my older daughter has been moved to the sibling waiting list.

This is a public charter school that is based online and done at home. It is free as it is public school and all the materials, books, etc. you need are sent to you. The website is www.k12.com/arva. There are all the same requirements as traditional public school like attendance, testing, and accountability.

I've been interested in this program since it started the year my older daughter entered kindergarten. I got them both on the waiting list for this year and sent them to school while we waited. We got a call this weekend and began filling out online and paper applications. My younger daughter was officially approved last night. She withdrew from school today and is continuing some things she was doing at her school until our books and materials come in.

We are excited and nervous and hope her sister is called soon.

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