Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is rather interesting!

My five-year-old daughter was counting the letters in her first name (there's five of them) yesterday and so the seven-year-old child decided to count the letters in her name. She actually already knew that there are seven letters in her first name, but she made the interesting discovery that EACH of her names has seven letters! Wild! She thought it was pretty cool that she discovered that she has seven letters in each of her names when she was seven years old.

Incidentally, the five-year-old daughter and I each have five letters each in our first names, eight letters each in our middle names, and then her last name is the same as my married name so we each have seven letters in that name too.

What makes this TOTALLY weird is that our son is going to have seven letters in each of his names. We realized that last night when we were relating the story of the kid with the seven letters in each of her names last night to some friends. We couldn't believe it.

Now my sister and her husband's two children together have five letters in each of their three names, but they did that on purpose. Ours was all a complete accident!

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