Friday, February 17, 2006

Buckling down for a bad weather weekend

We've had just about as many different kinds of weather this past week as we've had days. A mild week weatherwise last week was finished off on Friday with buckets of rain in the morning and big snowflakes all afternoon long. My little snowmen looked funny sitting on leaves out in the bright sunshine all weekend long, and the past two days we haven't even worn coats. It's been around 70 degrees in the afternoons.

This weekend, though, promises to usher in winter big time. The weather forecasters have spouted off just about every winter weather word there is -- snow, sleet, ice, you name it. The temperature dropped 40 degrees in just a few hours -- it was 70 yesterday and we haven't seen 40 today. It's not supposed to get above freezing this entire weekend, and power outages are possible with the frozen precipitation.

Since this is Arkansas, I'll believe all that when I see it, but I figured I'd better get prepared with necessities we'll need for a long weekend -- wood and coffee! I called my husband at work around 4 p.m. to check on the status of getting a load of wood and got sent to the local wood man with my own meager stash of funds, no less. In another hour I had more wood than I'll be able to burn the rest of the winter piled all the way up to the front door.

Good, one staple down. I scrounged around for some more cash and made the short trip to the store for coffee and sweet creamer, joking with the checker that I was now all ready to be stuck in the house the whole weekend! Whether or not it gets as bad as they say remains to be seen, but come what may, we're ready!

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