Monday, February 20, 2006

Home-cooked comfort

During the past bad weather weekend, the whole family was treated to the wonderful smells and warmth of real wood fires and home cooked food, courtesy of my resourceful husband who hates to be cold or hungry. I didn't have to worry about a thing this past weekend since he was around to take care of all the important stuff, like keeping the kids warm and well-fed. It gave new meaning to the term "keeping the home fires burning."

The good times are over now. The ice cleared enough for my husband to return to work today and it's up to me to keep the house warm and the children fed. I have managed to keep the house toasty but we're back to boxes and cans for our meals today. I'll poke around in the refrigerator for leftovers for supper. I'll probably find some, since he's always thinking and planning ahead when it comes to food. Thank goodness for his home-cooked comfort!

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