Sunday, February 19, 2006


The weatherman turned out to be right and winter did arrive this weekend. The sleet started during the night Friday and by the time daylight arrived Saturday morning there was a thin blanket of white on the ground and roads. As the day wore on, the streets got icier though what coated it was sleet that kept the roads from being completely impassible.

We decided to stay off the roads and even inside the house, since it was so cold outside! The temperature wasn't supposed to get up above freezing this weekend and I don't think it has. We've watched movies, cooked, posted on message boards, and generally just wasted time all day.

This morning I slept until about lunchtime, impressed with how quiet it was and how warm I was in the bed. My husband was doing an excellent job of keeping the house warm and the kids well-fed and quiet. I got up to crusty dishes all over the kitchen and dining room and crumbs strewn from one end of the house to the other, but since I was so well-rested I was happy to clean it all up!

The girls and I have another day together tomorrow since they are out of school, but my husband must return to work. The ice will be melted off the streets enough to make his one-hour commute tomorrow morning fairly safe. The rest of us will probably stay in the house another day and make it a long homebound weekend.

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