Friday, February 24, 2006

Groceries have arrived!

Our food basket from the community supported agriculture food basket program at Hardin's River Merchantile in downtown Little Rock has arrived. I was talking about it here, but talk no more! It is time to eat this yummy fresh produce and other scrumptous and healthy food raised by Arkansas farmers. Here is what we got in the February basket:

* Pound ground goat from Armstrong Beefalo in El Paso (and a recipe for goat chili!)
* Kathadin lamb from Adama Farm in Petit Jean
* Organic whole wheat pasta from Layla's Pizzeria in Little Rock
* Cornbread mix, hush puppy mix, fish fry batter and hillbilly bean soup from War Eagle Mill in Eureka Springs (we're going to hang on to the fish fry batter because next month's basket will have fish!)
* Sweet potatoes from Matthews Farm in Wynne
* Grass-fed eggs and white cheddar cheese from Honeysuckle Lane Cheese (made by Daley Dairy) in Rose Bud
* Spinach from Arkansas Natural Produce in Malvern
* Basil pesto from Villa Bellemonte in Jonesboro
* Log-grown shittake mushrooms from Sweeden Creek Farm in Kingsland
* Eight-grain loaf of bread from Boulevard Bread in Little Rock
* Medium grain organic brown rice from Southern Brown Rice Farm in Weiner
* Green onions from Inswanai's Farm

All of this came packed in a one bushel wooden basket from Little Rock Crate & Basket. We can take it back and get an extra $4 worth of food next month.

I never thought there was so much natural and healthy food grown in Arkansas. We have a lot of rich soil and we grow quite a bit of food, but much of it is sprayed with pesticides and exported. Come to find out there is a good bit of natural produce and meat grown here in Arkansas, and I'm tickled to partake of it.

We had a yummy supper of salad with spinach, mushrooms and cheese, soft-boiled eggs, and bread. It all tasted so fresh, clean, and healthy because it is fresh, clean and healthy! Tomorrow we'll have some pasta with mushrooms for lunch and maybe some hillbilly bean soup cooked with green onions!

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Rona's Home Page said...

This sounds like such a great idea. We have food coops in our local area. It definitely helps with the grocery bill.