Friday, February 10, 2006

First snow!

We have had our first snow of the winter here in eastern Arkansas. It came this way about noon and kept snowing until it got dark. It was a perfect snow, about a inch or so of wet accumulation that made good hard snowballs and snowmen but didn't stick to the streets or ice over.

The girls got out of school early and their grandmother was here to receive them, since I made a trip to Memphis today not thinking that the weather would get bad. As soon as I got in we headed outside and didn't come back in until there was no more clean snow left in our yard!


Wendy said...

LOL Michelle, we got 19" of snow last night and this morning! Want some? LOL Adorable kids and cute snowman, looks like you had fun!

smbwallace said...

We did have lots of fun! It got up to 70 a few days after this, and just two days after THAT we won't get up past freezing. Goodness.