Friday, April 21, 2006

More bad news

sore on my older daughter's scalp kept getting worse — she's been seen twice about it and my younger daughter was seen a couple of times, too and was given the diagnosis of pityriasis when I thought she contracted ringworm from school — so I took her back to the doctor AGAIN this week.

We got bad news. It is for sure a fungus (AKA ringworm) on her scalp that has caused her so much trouble lately. She's had a few other spots but for some reason it's just way worse on the scalp. When ringworm gets in the scalp it doesn't respond to topical antifungal creams — I've been using mostly tea tree oil and an antifungal cream with tea tree oil in it — and an oral medication is necessary. On top of the ringworm she has an infection in that same spot!

We got two medications, an antibiotic to take for about a week for the infection and then an antifungal medication that she's going to have to take for weeks. I'm so disappointed about all this medicine because I don't like my children to take synthetic substances like this because it upsets the body's natural processes. Antibiotics are a two-edged sword because they get rid of the infection but they also kill the good bacteria that the body needs along with the bad. She has been taking a probiotic for a while now so I hope it's built up enough in her body to keep things from getting out of whack.

She has had so much trouble with her health lately — mainly with allergies and her colon — and I'm so frustrated. I feel like I did everything I could to ensure her health — took care of myself when I was pregnant, breastfed her for two years, tried to maintain a good bacteria balance both inside her body and in the environment, feed her healthy foods as much as possible, and all that stuff — but still we are faced with all this.

Sometimes I feel like all my diligence was for nothing, but then I realize that it really wasn't. I did the best that I knew how and got a beautiful, bright, and mostly healthy child out of it. I just really wish we could get all these health situations under control.

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