Thursday, April 20, 2006

That looks familiar!

This mother cat who has carved out a living space for her new family in my laundry room is starting to get annoying — I love cats but I don't really like her because she's just so, well, annoying — because she wants to take over the entire house.

I understand that she needs a break from the little ones, who just while away the day and night sleeping in a pile and hardly ever make a peep — for now — but she just pads around rubbing her neck glands on everything. We didn't want the cat family in the house anyway but since they're here she's supposed to either be in the laundry room with them or outside.

Though she is extremely bothersome, we do have motherhood in common and she did something familiar a little while ago. She had been outside for a while so I opened the door to check on her. She was trying to get in the house through her custom hole in the screen door but of course the wood door was closed. She was glad to see me and went in to her babies, well, after rubbing her neck on a few things.

They were all sound asleep on top of one another, but she just jumped right in there in the box with them and started licking them. Those little things were sleeping so soundly they didn't respond to all the licking, so after she got one or two to stirring, she just laid down on the rest of them. That woke them up!

The familiar part wasn't her laying on her babies to wake them up but I do recall having to wake my little dears a few times so I could get some relief. My mantra always was "Let sleeping babies lie" but sometimes lactating mothers need a little help!

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