Sunday, April 30, 2006

One more month before the big move!

We only have one more month before we make the big move! We're waiting until school is out to move into our new house.

One hard part is over since we have signed on the dotted line, but the next hard part, that of actually getting all our stuff to the new place, has yet to be done. We have 10 years worth of accumulated junk and not much room to put it in, since the house isn't any bigger than the one we are currently living in.

A lot of things we are going to sell and we're coming up with some ways to save space. One thing we're going to do is put drawers under the girls' beds for their clothes instead of having dressers sitting out taking up space. We are going to do something similar in our room, except the drawers are probably going to go in the closets.

For the bathrooms we're going to put those toilet space-savers up and I'll probably get the same type of containers as we're using for bedroom drawers, only smaller, to store things in the bathroom.

If anyone has any good storage and/or space-saving ideas, please let me know!

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