Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Newborn kittens in the laundry room

The outside cat had kittens in my laundry room late this morning!

I'm thrilled they're here and all the cats are okay but I DID NOT want them in the laundry room. She made a tear in the screen a while back and has been working on it, coming in the house every chance she gets. She somehow got in the house without me knowing it, probably when I went out to get the mail.

Her friendboy was outside looking for her like crazy this morning so I knew she had the kittens. He was looking for her up next to the house so I was looking around the house. I figured she wouldn't go far. I was coming back in the house and SHE JUMPED OUT THE DOOR sans kittens in her belly. Oh my goodness!

I went right in the house and looked in the laundry room and there they were: five little kittens. Two are black, two are tabby like her, and one is a mix of black and tabby. I got her back in the house and back with the babies to make sure she was going to take care of them. Careful not to touch them, I put a pair of socks over my hands to move them around and get them off the laundry. Thankfully it was just old kitchen towels.

The neigbors, who had been watching her with me for about two weeks, heard the news for me first. They came over and put her and the kittens in a box (they made sure the mother cat was okay with all of that first; I was scared to touch them and most certainly to move them) in the laundry room.

My little girls are just fascinated with them and keep going in the laundry room to check on them. At one point early this afternoon the four-year-old came out of the laundry room with a tiny black kitten wrapped up in a washcloth. I can't believe the mother cat let her do that. I nearly freaked out and put it right back. I just don't want to take the chance on the mother not taking care of them although she is doing a good job.

I set her up in the laundry room with a food bowl and a litter box and fretted about her using it but she finally did!

Now the big problem is my husband doesn't want cats in the house. I called him at work and told him. He flipped out! It was hilarious! He'll be all calmed down by the time he gets home tonight and the girls will be very attached to the kittens.

He actually likes the mother cat for some reason and I never have, which is odd for both of us. I don't like her because she's annoying AND she tore a hole in my screen. My husband feeds this cat faithfully every day and makes sure to let me know when we are out of food. I gave her some canned food, no less, that I had left over from another cat I liked.

Here's MY problem: how am I supposed to do laundry now? They are right next to the dryer and my laundry room isn't very big!

Well, that cat has worked so hard to get in this house and I have worked so hard to keep her out, and it's obvious the better woman won.

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