Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to school

It's time to go back to school after the winter break and I am very surprised to find myself experiencing mixed emotions. I had mixed emotions when school started back in the fall — ecstasy AND glee! I got a little choked up after I put the three-year-old on the bus to head start but after a couple of minutes I was just fine.

I really enjoy my days by myself when I can drink a couple of cups of coffee uninterrupted, read blogs, post on message boards, and maybe even get a little work done. It sure is a lot easier to conduct on-site interviews for my newspaper features without having to say 50 times if I say it once, "Sit down. Be quiet. Get out of that."

The only drawback, which isn't really that if you think about it, is having to get up so early to have them at the bus stop at 7:20 a.m. or so. We only live right around the corner from where both of their buses pick them up, and I'm back at the house before 7:30 a.m., making coffee and getting ready to work.

These conflicting emotions of being happy we are returning to our normal schedule along with wishing they didn't have to leave are new and confounding. I'm sure I'll get over it five minutes after the buses depart with my sweet little cargo on board!

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Amber said...

Hey Michelle!

How are you? Loved reading this blog about the kiddos and putting them on the bus. Actually it almost made me cry! I have to admit as much as it must be nice to have a little free time without the little ones I don't think I am ready at all to say "Good-Bye" to my little guy for pre-school yet! Good thing I am not starting pre-school til next fall but I know it will be here soon!

I am so emotional and I just love having my children at home with me! I think I will definitely want one more little one due to this reason alone. They grow up so fast!!!!

Sure hope you are well these days!