Sunday, January 15, 2006

Moms don't get sick

Everybody knows Mommy can't get sick, right? Wrong! This mom got hit hard with some kind of bug this weekend and has spent a whole lot more time with the pillow than with the kids.

Thankfully their dad is around on the weekends to take over. I helped get them ready for our volunteer Bible ministry Saturday morning and promptly went back to bed. There was a little discussion over who was going to watch them — him or me — that morning but he quickly realized I was in no shape to even take care of myself, let alone them.

They came in around lunch and crawled in bed with me, having been told to take a nap while their daddy went out running. The nap amounted to a bunch of bouncing around on the bed but I was unable to restrain them. He came in from his run and got them ready to go to a get-together with some friends about an hour away. That kept them occupied for a few hours during the afternoon and evening and allowed me to finally get some sleep.

The pain in my head was unbearable but for a long time I didn't have enough sense to take anything for it! Right before they got home I was able to get up and take something for my ever-pounding head and go back to bed; about 2 a.m. today the relief woke me up. The pain was still there in my head but the bulk of it dissipated throughout my body.

This morning I was actually able to drag myself up and brew a pot of coffee and bathe. Another dose of ibuprofen and some muscle rub smeared on my head and just about every body part gave me a little more relief. I got the kids ready to go to the Kingdom Hall with their daddy and will have quiet for a couple of hours.

A fog now blankets my head and a trance-like state has overcome my body, but at least I can function slightly. I have to hurry up and get well because mommies don't get the chance to be sick!

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