Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sweet fleeting moments

The sweet days of our children's lives pass by so quickly now. The weeks, months and years of my children's lives dragged on so slowly at first but now I am beginning to realize how fleeting these precious moments really are. It has taken me six and a half years to get to this point.

My girls were home from school one day earlier this week because of a holiday. It wasn't until I went to bed late that night that it dawned on me we hadn't spent any real time together that day. They did some worksheets and other printables and happily whirled around the house playing their games all day while I sat at my desk and worked.

I fed them when they were hungry, comforted them when they got hurt, but I did not take the time to connect with them. We didn't read together, have any group hugs, or even engage in focused conversation. This would have been the perfect time to do these things but I did not take advantage of it.

Normally I would view it as a good day spent together but I saw it as a missed moment, a day spent walking around each other physically but not with our hearts, a precious time we could never get back. I know there will be more of these days but hopefully not that many more for a while. I think I'm finally learning to cherish these moments with my children.

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maria said...

I love your posting for today.

Connecting with our children's
hearts are the most cherished
moments in the life of parenting.

Although sometimes it is not
easily done as some children are
more reticent to share their thoughts to their mom or dad.