Sunday, January 15, 2006

Surveying the damage

After spending a couple of days in the bed sick, I hoist myself up, wash some painkillers down with a couple cups of coffee, and wander around surveying the damage. It's a wonder how two kids and their father, who made it a point to be gone most of the weekend so I could sleep, can wreak so much havoc on a poor little house.

The crusted cereal bowls in the sink, on the counter, and on the table are horrendous. Newspapers are pushed over to the side of the bed -- mostly my fault, since I did attempt to read the news but finding myself too weak to hold the paper up, I dropped my arms and released the papers. They ended up where they ended up with much squirming on the part of a little four-year-old who was supposed to be resting beside me. Pecans still in the shell roll around in the floor and dirty socks turn up in the bed at every flip of the covers. The crumbs scattered here, there, and everywhere absolutely defy description.

I'm facing a bad housekeeping dream turned nightmare. Perhaps the Happy Slob over at can help!

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Admin said...

I hope you feel better soon. I would try not to worry about the big mess. Sometimes we have to let things go out of our control for a little bit. (Although I am a constant cleaner & am known to vacuum 4 times a day.) When I get sick I just lay around and try not to care about the house. Or I'll get a cluster headache and I'll feel even worse.

Lisa W