Sunday, January 22, 2006

Holding on til Daddy gets back

The girls, who have been sick, have been left in my care on this cold and rainy morning since their father has determined that they are too ill to be among normal people today. Their daddy is gone and will be back in time for me to leave for my work appointment. All manner of fun is surely in store for them this afternoon while their father is in charge, but now we are just waiting until he gets back.

The girls are feeling better so they wanted to go outside. I opened the door to discover that it is REALLY cold and REALLY wet, and promptly closed the door. "You can't go outside, girls," I announced. My reasoning was more than it just the inclement weather. "If your father finds out you've been outside in this weather he'll have my head." It's true. An inept mother I am not, but he's wound up way tighter on things like that and he would most certainly not take too kindly that the girls, still not completely well, had been outside playing. Never mind that they would be bundled up under the porch, and certainly never mind that some fresh air would do them a whole awful lot of good.

With the outside incident forgotten — and books and book lights their father gave them this morning littering the floor from an earlier activity — they go on to the next thing as they wait for their daddy. "Can we watch Toy Story? Can we watch Toy Story?" Relieved, I quickly grant permission. I have another cup of coffee that needs drinking and I need to get ready for my appointment. Yes, a movie will be wonderful.

Their father will be back about the time it goes off. Oh, goody!

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