Monday, January 02, 2006

A beautiful day to be a mother

Today is a beautiful day to be a mother — literally! It's sunny and hovering around 70 degrees outside, and what is more, my children's father is off work today. He set his day aside to spend some time with our girls, and that is a wonderful thing in more ways than one!

They played together inside this morning and then went outside for some bike riding. I'm sure their day will take them to the park or playground and perhaps visiting friends.

It would be a good day for me to spend some time with the kids, I know, but I've scheduled today as a regular work day. I'm going to enjoy the silence, post on my blogs, check my message boards, and actually even work.

The doors and windows are open, the sunshine is streaming in, and I can hear the leaves rustling and the dogs barking outside. Today is a great day!

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