Thursday, January 19, 2006

Catching up

We had a free day together that we didn't take advantage of earlier this week, but we plan on making up for it today. One child came home from school sick yesterday and the other is probably going to be that way soon. Neither of them went to school today but for the time being no one is violently ill. We got a head start on our connecting time yesterday as we read some books together.

My poor little child who flopped in the bed immediately after getting off the bus yesterday afternoon — she got up only for several episodes of being SICK — got up in a fairly chipper mood this morning and chattered away like a little chipmunk for a while. The jabbering wasn't that well-timed — it's hard to hear a soft voice when there's water running in the sink and dishes clanking around — but I paid attention because I knew I'd be longing for such prattling in 10 years!

We set the tone for a day of togetherness with a brief discussion centered around a scriptural text at the breakfast table this morning. We finished breakfast off with small cups of coffee for the girls, with them savoring the decadent pleasure and me feeling good that I could relax and relent to their coffee request.

It won't be a day for the record books but I won't go to bed tonight guilty because I passed up an opportunity to enjoy my children while I can.

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