Friday, January 13, 2006

A volunteering mom

If I fretted about missing an awards presentation earlier this week, I certainly made up for it the past couple of days. The better part of the last two days has been spent at school with my two children.

The main activities I engage in while at school with my children are reading and eating, two things that most people do several times a day. But for these little darlings my reading and eating with them goes beyond that. I come to their school, sit down on the floor with them and share a book with them, exposing them to the great big world that can be theirs through books and to the love and tenderness that can be shared between two people reading the same thing.

Some of them read at home and some don't. Some of them have family members who sit down at the table and eat with them and some don't. Some of them have loving adults who spend time with them at home and some don't. Some will remember me as they live their lives and some won't, but someone will have cared enough about each of them to come to school, sit down and read with them and share a meal with them. Right then and there in that moment, I am special to them and they are precious to me.

Above all, my child will know that she is loved and that her parents care about what goes on in her life no matter where she is. I will feel like I have done what I should have done as a mother.

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